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Making money out of construction waste at King’s Cross

Making money out of construction waste at King’s Cross

Kings Cross Trial With BAM Construct UK

Construct Ads, which is an online platform that allows site teams to buy and sell reusable building materials at a lower cost, is currently being trialled at King’s Cross. This allows a reduction in construction waste being sent to landfill sites. BAM Construct UK, a large international Main Contractor with over 1000 employees worldwide have assisted us in providing their supply chain with exclusive access to the platform.

The site team at Coal Drops Yard, London, has been working with Construct Ads to trial its online platform where construction materials and samples are available to buy at a lower cost than ordering from a builder’s merchant or supplier – and unwanted or over-ordered materials can be sold to other sites. Construction waste is always valuable to the right person such as do it yourselfers , domestic builders and self-builders.

Lee Kilcoyne, Senior Project Surveyor at Coal Drops Yard, said: “Our industry is known for generating a large amount of waste – and a large proportion of this could be reused, extending the materials’ lifecycle. Changing the way we operate can reduce costs, save time and ultimately protect the environment”.

“Working with Construct Ads has allowed our supply chain to pass on unneeded materials to someone who can reuse them on another project. This not only increases the profitability of our project by making money from the unrequired materials, but also we save money by not having to pay for labour to remove and dispose of our waste.”

We plan to roll out the use of our platform with more UK main contractors to provide the selling items which will fuel the demand for purchasers in the market for reused materials.

We need to change the way we look at valuable construction waste that could easily be reused by someone who wants to grab themselves a bargain. We need your help to do this.

Remember, Dont skip it, Sell it…..

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