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Construct Ads Marketplace is mainly for unwanted building materials that you do not require anymore. They can be sold onto someone who can use them. You can also post an ad for free building materials to reduce your own cost of disposal (labour and skips).

Firstly you need to sign up to create your own account. Click on the register page and fill in your details. You should get an email to confirm your a member. Then you can buy or sell building materials for free.

If you have any issues using this site please contact us here.

Once registered, click on post an ad. You need to fill in the item details such as location, price and photos. Then wait for a buyer to get in contact with you in regard to your advert. A good idea is to note on the advert the R.R.P of the goods or if you are offering free building materials to be collected.

See our how it works page for more info.

People can advertise thousands of things on Construct Ads. But it’s not the right place for everything so make sure its construction related. If not then the ad will be deleted by our admin team. If you try to advertise one of these and you’ve paid a fee for your ad, you won’t get a refund when we remove your ad.

– Under 18?

It’s 18 and over here please.

– If it’s not in your possession, you can’t sell it

Please ensure that you own or have permission to sell the item. Also, you can only sell items based in the UK.

– No duplicates please

Don’t create more than one ad for the same item, or create multiple accounts.

– Don’t leave it live
Once your ad has done its job, delete it. If you don’t, other users might still contact you about it, which is a nuisance for them and you.

Putting everything in the right place

– Get the category right

Our categories work hard to connect the right ad with the right buyer. Please don’t try to get more views or avoid paying our fees by posting in the wrong one. You’ll get better results when your ad appears in the right place.

Writing a great ad

– Follow the ad template

Keep website links and contact details in the designated place and out of your ad title, description and photos. Don’t be tempted to spam with keywords.

– Steer clear of disputes by writing a clear and honest description of your item.

– Use plain English and keep it clean. That goes for the images you post too. You’re welcome to add a translation in another language in your item description. Ads that clearly state what the item is are easier for users to find.

– Got a job lot?

You can post multiple items in one ad if you’re selling them together. Otherwise, you’ll need to create individual ads. You may need to pay a fee, depending on what you’re advertising.

– The price is right

Clearly state the price you want for your item. You’re welcome to invite near offers if you want, but don’t invite bids. Construct Ads isn’t an auction house.

Aim for face-to-face

Don’t say you’ll only send an item in the post. Construct Ads is a community. We encourage our users to meet face-to-face whenever possible.

You can choose to be contacted by telephone, email or our internal messaging system. Make sure you are available to broker the sale. A good suggestion is to note on the advert best times to be contacted.

Maybe you’re in a rush to sell, or you want to throw a spotlight on your ad? There are some different features you can buy to help boost your ad. Use them in any combination that works for you.

When you Feature your ad, it’s displayed at the top of the listings for the category you posted it in. You can choose to keep it there for three, seven or 14 days.

The Spotlight feature sends your ad to the Construct Ads homepage for seven days. Everyone will see it, even if they’re not searching in the category you posted in.

(Not every Featured and Spotlight ad can fit on the front page together. We keep it fair by rotating ads to give everyone the same visibility.)

The Bump Up feature effectively restarts your ad, as if you’d just posted it. You get your ad for another 30 days plus an express ride back to the top of the listings in your category.

Speed up your sale

The Urgent feature puts a tag on your ad for seven days so people know you need to sell quickly.

Reach out further

The URL feature lets you link from your ad to your own or a third party website (remember: you can’t add URLs in your ad title or description). This feature lasts for the lifetime of the ad – either 30 or 60 days, depending on the category you choose.

Construct Ads Marketplace is mainly for unwanted building materials that you do not require anymore. They can be sold onto someone who can use them. You can also post an ad for free building materials to reduce your own cost of disposal (labour and skips).

We don’t let people sell anything illegal or unsafe on Construct Ads. Or something our community has asked us not to list. If we feel you’ve posted a banned item, we’ll ask you to take it down or remove it ourselves.

Here’s our list of items which we don’t allow, in alphabetical order:

Adult entertainment, like blue movies
Enhancing drugs
Sex toys
Animal parts
Including parts of protected species
Animal traps
Except fish traps and pony traps, which are actually carts.

Banned animals
Bongs and water pipes

Capital bonds
Cigarettes and related products
Cigarettes, cigars and loose tobacco
Electronic cigarette filters

Drugs, drug paraphernalia and prescription goods
Any item designed only to help someone take drugs
Contact lenses (because they’re prescription)
Illegal drugs
Legal highs
Prescription drugs, including ones you can buy over the counter

Fake, replica or trademark items
Copies can be pirated, duplicated, backed-up and bootlegged. So it’s no to:

Anything fake, copied or unauthorised
Something with a company name/logo but wasn’t made or endorsed by them

Firearms and ammunition (even if they’re legal to buy)
Ammunition, including ammo for paintball
Guns, including air guns, replica guns, paintball guns and silencers
Hunting equipment

Fireworks of any kind

Football tickets

Gas meter seals

Glastonbury tickets

Hate organisations of any kind
Human parts, remains or services
Blood, bone and waste
Donor, surrogacy and fertility services
Sperm and eggs
Used pregnancy tests

Lottery tickets

Nazi memorabilia

Parking permits
Top tip: If you’d like to give your pass to someone else, get in touch with your council.

Personal information or mailing lists
Bulk emails, Internet Protocol (IP), instant messenger (IM), or mailing lists that contain names, addresses, phone numbers or other personal info
Tools or software designed to send spam

Red diesel

Security tag removal items
Stolen goods
Anything stolen
Blocked phones or no-signal phones

We’ll help the police convict anyone who deals in stolen goods.

Including supplements that contain DMAA (they’re illegal).

Train, coach and bus tickets
It’s illegal to resell rail tickets in the UK (including Eurostar and local travel cards), unless you’re an official distributor.

Unlocked hardware and software
Copied games, DVDs and computer software
Fully loaded Kodi, Android and Amazon boxes
Games consoles
R4 cards (with or without the console)

Unlocking software
Software to help you unlock any electronic item, like a phone

Used underwear
Briefs, knickers, thongs, boxer shorts, nappies and so on

Virtual items and products
Domain names
FIFA coins
Online accounts
Virtual merchandise
Any other digital products

It’s illegal to buy or sell votes in the UK.

Weapons and knives
Chef and kitchen knives
Crossbows and archery sets
Historical and ornamental weapons (like Samurai swords and bayonets)

If you cannot sell your items it is suggested to offer them as free building materials so they will be reused and not sent to landfill.

You can buy, sell or give away free building materials on our marketplace to somebody who can reuse them on another project. Dont skip it, sell it. Our aim is to extend the lifecycle of building materials to reduce landfill waste and also reduce your costs for disposal of the unwanted building materials.